2011 Gallery Exhibitions

"Here So Lightly: The Photography of Bill Guild"

In the Gallery August 25 - September 26


A figure is seen leaving the frame of the photo.  A landscape is
revealed that could easily come out of a dream.  Using perspective,
tonality and texture, each image is crafted to become more of a
meditation than a photograph. 



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"Sacred Vessels and Vantages: The Work of Jessica L. Phillips and Tony Conner"

In the Gallery July 28 - August 22



Two artists, a watercolorist (Conner) and a ceramist (Phillips),
examine the nature of sacred places and objects. Conner's renderings
are traditionally composed with a fresh, unexpected palette. Phillips'
series of vessels center around the feminine aspect of the sacred in
ritual and ceremony, merging our current perceptions with the ever
changing role of women in modern society.



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"Unconscious Convergence: The Work of Debi Pendell"

In the Gallery June 23 - July 25


A series of new, layered, acrylic collages evolving from a spontaneous and unconscious convergence of several earlier experimental directions
the artist had taken. This series is based on the artist's intrigue
with how we humans "read" various symbol systems, and how we use our imaginations to add and/or subtract in order to make sense of what we


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"The Decorated Figure: Featuring the Work of Nestor Valdes"

In the Gallery May 26 - June 20



Drawings and paintings of Nestor Valdes; Figurative works in 3D media by Jason Betinis and Lori St. Pierre



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"Grains of Wood, Stains of Light: The Work of Joe Comi and Kelly Lee"

In the Gallery April 28 - May 23










Woodturner Joe Comi and photographer/painter Kelly Lee present work that is both meaningful in object and image.


Pownal, VT artist Joe Comi, exhibits a new line of woodturned platters, bowls, vases and closed vessel forms.


North Adams. MA artist Kelly Lee displays an eclectic array of subjects. Paintings of underwater worlds are shown along side several small series of photographic images of North Adams, neighborhood cats and Italian vistas. 



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"Renewal: The Work of Stephen Fabrico and Franco Pellegrino"

In the Gallery March 31 - April 25


Ceramic bird sculptures, totems, birdhouses and garden object d'art of Stephen Fabrico and a new body of work entitled "electric paintings" by Franco Pellegrino are presented together in a celebration of art and the new spring season.



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"The Suburban Series: Featuring the Paintings of Norm Thomas"

In the Gallery February 24 - March 28





 North Adams' painter Norm Thomas debuts his series of architecturally-based landscape paintings, examining the theme of contemporary suburbia. These large acrylic paintings are simultaneously fresh and nostalgic. A select group of artists working in craft/sculpture media will be rounding out the exhibit, complementing Thomas' paintings.




 "Late Afternoon" Oil on panel, 36" x 24", by Norm Thomas 




 "Suburban Series" Exhibition




"Fresh Paint, Hot Pots, Dressed Wood II: New Year, New Work"

In the Gallery January 27 - February 21

 "Fresh Paint II" Exhibition in the Front Hall Gallery 


Our 2nd annual gallery-favorite exhibition will feature the work of our members' latest masterpieces while introducing the work of our newest members to the public: Brittany Gabel (glass), Stephen Fabrico (ceramic/sculpture), Lydia Johnston (painting), Judith Kniffin (painting), Phyllis Miller Lee (ceramic sculpture), Kim Sutherland (jewelry) and Jamie Townsend (sculpture). As the title suggests, this exhibition will feature fresh-off-the easel painting, collage, photography and other two-dimensional media, straight-from-the-kiln ceramics and glass, as well as newly-turned-wooden vessels.



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