Tips to Do a Mount Ijen Tour

Traveling to a place that is still new requires fairly careful preparation because we need to have a pleasure traveling, not the one who makes us get in trouble just because we don’t have a good preparation. Especially if we want to do travel to the mountain. One of the mountains you can go to is Mount Ijen that is located in Banyuwangi. It is one of the most beautiful mountains that Indonesia ever has. It will give you a good view that will calm your mind and soul. You can do your Mount Ijen tour, but you need to take a note on what to prepare if you want to do it.

Tips to Do a Mount Ijen Tour

Doing a Mount Ijen tour in Banyuwangi will give you a very good experience. Ijen mountain has a beautiful crater with the blue fire phenomenon, charming sunrise and sunset, and tracking paths that are not easy. Here are 4 tips if you want to do a Mount Ijen tour:

  1. Physical preparations
    To reach the of Ijen Crater on your Mount Ijen tour, you are required to walk 3 km. The average travel time for climbers is 2 hours. Although it looks close and easy, you need to prepare your physical condition first. Especially if barely exercise or beginner climbers. A few days before the Mount Ijen tour, it is recommended for you to do a light exercise. Relaxing or jogging to stretch muscles. Because if you are physically ready, the trip to the top will feel good and not heavy.
  2. Bring the equipment needed
    The next tips to do Mount Ijen tour is to prepare the necessary equipment. The equipment here depends on your needs. Do not carry equipment that you feel is not necessary. Some equipment must be brought are mask (N95 or respirator mask), flashlight, and snack.
  3. Use local guide services of Mount Ijen tour
    If you are still a beginner and have never done a Mount Ijen tour, then use a local guide or Mount Ijen tour agencies. Because it will help you during the Mount Ijen tour and can also accompany you when climbing the Mount Ijen. Plus, you will be explained about the tips to do a Mount Ijen tour that are rarely known by others. You will feel closer to the location you visit when you socialize with the local community. Or if you don’t want to be confused with all the preparations above, use a credible Mount Ijen tour services.
  4. Prepare enough money
    Do not carry large amounts of money when you do a Mount Ijen tour. Place your money in separate places. Because you will meet various kinds of people here. So, please keep your money in a safe place. Because it’s not funny if you lose money and don’t have a backup when you go home.

So that’s it for the tips to do a Mount Ijen tour. Please always remember the preparations above so you can have a wonderful trip to Mount Ijen and be careful!

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