Jamie Townsend


Pig (View A)
Pig (View B)
Pig (View C)
Pig (View D)
Goat (View A)
Goat (View B)
Yellow Tower (View A)
Yellow Tower (View B)
Man I
Man I (showing scale)

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Artist Statement

I’ve always been a great admirer of architects / artists such as Gaudi, and Hundertwasser who drew from nature in their work. I like to work in organic patterns connecting with geometric spaces like those seen in nature, such as wind and water, with intersecting fluid patterns that seem to reproduce each other. I often blend these with contrasting “windows” in a nod to my love of cubism — representing the abruptness of our society. I like my work to be full and active, imitating the variety and action in our world, with the goal of bringing it together harmoniously.

I bring the fluid chaos and variety of our everyday world into focus gradually allowing the viewer to search for a source and make connections. I tend to use childlike characters and colors as well as line work and shapes challenging positive and negative space. With this style I am bridging the gap between the playful (imagery and colors) and the systematic (layering drawing/patterns).

As a natural outgrowth of this, I enjoy the childlike drawings and opinions of children’s books as well and have developed my own version that blends my love of writing poetry and creating abstract art. I was heavily influenced by Ralph Steadman and Henrik Drescher.

As I paint, I react to what is there, bringing the viewer from chaos to peace. I want to get the viewer in a playful mood with colors and imagery then systematically break into their visual perception of the world, challenging them to see the layering I’ve developed.

With my new work in three-dimensional carvings as well as my large format paintings and murals, I am hoping to force the viewer to back up as well as come forward to see the paintings in their fullest possible sense, gained by experiencing it from different perspectives and different levels of focus.

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