Judith Kniffin

By the Stream
SOLD-First Snow
Snow by the Lake
On Hallowed Ground
Colors of Winter
The Best Seat in the Place
Back Road to the Village
Have a Cookie?
SOLD-Moosewood Cookbook


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Artist Statement 

My paintings record familiar things in our lives: a nearby field, junk trees on the side of the road, patterns of dirt and rock on a forest pathway.  They explore color relationships, shadows, reflections, textures and visual distortions—more important to me than the objects they describe.

Painting is my way to focus in on the quiet and sometime surprising beauty around us; to tune out the "noise" of modern technology and fast-paced lives.

It is my pleasure to convey some of that reflective beauty to you—the other observer.



I have drawn, sketched, and painted all my life, starting on my bedroom walls, moving to paper and, in high school, to canvas.  At Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, my major was in Applied Arts.  But this was in the tumultuous 60’s, so in my junior year I dropped out to “find myself” and do some hotheaded protesting of wars, racial and gender inequality, etc.  Somehow this led to marriage and childbirth (go figure…), which tempered my immersion in the arts.   Nevertheless, I took art classes and workshops at UCLA in Los Angeles, at the Silvermine Guild Art Center in New Canaan, CT, at West Chester University and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, and at the various art centers wherever I lived at the time.  And I painted in dining rooms, kitchens, and in basements.

Divorce (oops…) necessitated a full time job in a Philadelphia suburban, public school system, relegating painting to the edges of time, until I calculated I could break out with early retirement to focus entirely on my art.  That was eight-years-and-a-move-to-Vermont ago, and I have never regretted that decision.

With a working studio and the time to delve into different mediums, I realize how much my painting informs the way I see things: in shifting relationships of color and texture and space, of reflection and shadow, of light and dark.  I once read that a person from a very different culture sees things that we don’t—and can’t—see at all.  I know for a fact that what I see in front of me has changed immensely over time, because I have trained my eye to coax out new information.  I also believe this happens to the viewer of an artist’s body of work.  As the artist’s vision expands, so does the viewer’s.  That’s exciting.  On that basis, if my work can engender a sense of wonder and growing connection to the natural beauty around us, I think I’m on to something.




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