Joe Comi

Poplar Burl Hollow Form (Side A)
Poplar Burl Hollow Form (Side B)
Black Cherry Hollow Form (convex top)
Box Elder Vase (Side A)
Box Elder Vase (Side B)
Black Cherry Vase
Red Pine Hollow Form
Black Cherry Bowl (three burn lines)
Box Elder Hollow Form (tall lip)
Box Elder Hollow Form
Black Cherry Bowl (narrow base)
Black Cherry Bowl (flanged rim)
Curly Maple Hollow Form
Curly Maple Hollow Form (raised lip)
Shagbark Hickory Vase
Butternut Bowl/Platter
Square Walnut Platter
Black Cherry Platter
Black Walnut Platter
Curly Maple Platter
American Elm Platter
Honey Locust Bottle Stopper
Curly Maple Bottle Stopper
Cherry Bottle Stopper



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Artist Statement

I have been working with wood in one form or another for about 15 years. Working as a carpenter and then renovation contractor, I have been mostly self-taught, and that has remained true with the woodturning process. I first purchased my lathe not realizing where it would lead, but I was immediately captivated. 

After converting about half of my barn into a workshop, I now enjoy countless hours creating different types of woodturned art work. For me, it is very gratifying to salvage a piece of wood from ending up in the burn pile, and turn it into something that will be appreciated for years to come. Each piece I create is a one of a kind that involves a process in which I have to work with the wood, in order to find a form that will fit with that individual piece. This adds a feeling of variety and unknown to the art of woodturning that I truly enjoy!


Created - 01/31/2010 | Last Updated - 04/04/2011

"Just a note to again say 'thanks so very much' for your assisting me in being able to purchase a Deb Pendell piece...when visiting the area again, I will make sure to stop by and hopefully support the Co-op once more."

Keith B. , New York, New York

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