Diane Sullivan

I Love This House
My Cup is Full
Candle Light
Jello Heads
So Many Rooms
Bats in the Attic
The Dance is Over
Follow Your Heart
Nature, Nurture
Now or Never
Too Much Help


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Artist Statement

Weirdly, the enormousness of MASS MoCA and my own studio space has influenced the scale of my figurative work, which has become smaller and more intimate. The faded, peeling paint on the brickwork of mill buildings in the area has also informed my ceramic surfaces and influenced their more subdued palette. Over time, my figures have become more personal, and perhaps more guarded, as I have found myself engaged in and engulfed by volunteerism inside my building and in the larger community. Moving from Boston to North Adams took me out of anonymity to live in a much more intimate place. 

This figural work is centered on the idea of persona and the stories revealed by the public faces we assume. I have always been attracted to historical clay female figures, primarily early terra cotta goddess figures. By creating sculpture in an intimate small scale, I want the viewer to take the time to examine the details. In this work, I have combined elements of both extremes—the figure as icon and the figure as a form of play—in order to communicate this duality between the ways we see ourselves and who we really are.



Created - 01/25/2010 | Last Updated - 04/05/2011

"I am so proud of what is happening here. Keep it going!"

Governor Deval Patrick, August 2009

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