Joan Kiley

Big Deal
Oh Sigmund
My Shirt
My Buddy Hollys


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Artist Statement

What interests me is the erratic mixture and circus-like quality of multimedia images influencing our visual language today. We are assaulted daily with opposing images that creates a blurred tension within us. Visual media can become an emotionally detached and surreal experience. How do we process all of this information in our lives?

Humor plays a definite role in this artwork, making light of the seriousness with which we take ourselves. I randomly choose each image for a painting from varying places in media... magazines, TV, movies, and books.

My art making process involves drawing, using the computer program Photoshop, and then having large iris prints made as working sketches. From these prints I redraw onto primed wood or canvas and then paint on a larger scale in oils. Consequently, because of this process, a synthesis occurs from these frequent changes. The final paintings have a new and different spirit from the original computer drawing.

This recent artwork includes spin-offs from mass media, cultural icons, and from folk art. I thrive on the act of painting, love color and texture and the surprise that comes from producing visual poetry.



Created - 01/12/2010 | Last Updated - 05/16/2010

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