Lori St. Pierre

Bowl (56)
Cube (59)
Small Cube (60)
Vessel with Four Legs (63)
Vessel with Four Legs (68)
Vessel with Four Legs (45)
Large Vase (53)
Large Vase (55)
Vessel with Three Legs (11)
SOLD-Vessel with Four Legs (12)
Cube (23)
Vessel with Flat Top (33)
Vessel with Four Legs (34)
Vessel with Four Legs (35)


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Artist Statement

I have been creating art for the past 24 years. I find that the more I experiment, the more I learn and the more excited I become. After working as a Graphic Designer for many years I am now teaching visual arts at the high school level.

I’m most interested in texture and form. Every time I see something with a unusual surface I save it, thinking to myself “I wonder how that would look pressed into clay?” The dynamic effects of texture can  be seen in my handbuilt pieces, making each one unique. The form is never the same, and for me it doesn’t have to be. I combine balance and negative space to create a form that is both functional and sculptural.

Created - 01/12/2010 | Last Updated - 04/04/2011

"Just a note to again say 'thanks so very much' for your assisting me in being able to purchase a Deb Pendell piece...when visiting the area again, I will make sure to stop by and hopefully support the Co-op once more."

Keith B. , New York, New York

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