Joshua Primmer

Ivory Tower II
All Seeing Eye IV
All Seeing Eye III
Pedestal Bowl
Pod Tumblers
Crescent Pitcher II
Satellite II
Pod Tumblers-SOLD
Turret Pitcher and Tumblers
Montgomery Mug
Tatooine II
Bloodstone Ikebana Vase
Crescent Teapot
Crescent Teapot II
Crescent Vase
Mountain III
Tall White Jar
Low Mossy Jar
Tall Mossy Jar
Three Houses II
Star Flower Vase
Gooseneck Ikebana
Rob's Green Gooseneck Ikebana
Two Tone Mushroom Jar



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Artist Statement

My work is a culmination of surfaces, forms and ideas that I use to evoke peace, monumentality and beauty in the viewer and the user. These forms are significantly impacted by function and process, which is strongly evident in each final design. Also apparent in my work are hints of my inspirational sources.

The mediums I work with are cone 10 stoneware and porcelain fired in a reduction atmosphere. I fire in reduction to cone 10 because of the depth and richness of surface that can be achieved at higher oxygen starved temperatures. High-fire reduction has a "weathering" effect on the glazes and clay body. The power of the flame can be felt in my finished work, yet I still retain some control over the firing results.

Before firing, my process is wheel based. I begin with a concrete idea: a sketch or a series of sketches. I throw all the necessary elements on the wheel, and when needed, pull handles and spouts. When all the pieces are equally leather hard I cut and join them to create each composition. When the form is completely and carfeully dried I bisque fire my work to cone 07 and then I glaze the bisque ware using brushes, pouring, and dipping.

The origins of my forms come directly from the wheel throwing process. I suspend the motion of the wheel, cut, and then collage together these forms in a manner that makes sense to me. From simple disc forms made by joining two bowls lip to lip, to more complicated pieces involving multiple discs and cylinders. I am constantly looking back to past works through fresh eyes for new inspiration. Each pot is unique, but when viewed as a body of work, the relationships are clear.

In creating art, my goal is to move the viewer and user of my work. I intend to evoke peace, monumentality and beauty. I want my work to express an inspirational presence. I am attepting to mimic the emotions imbued by my sources of inspiration. My muses reside in nature, old New England mills, and art....and I immerse myself in each as much as possible.



In the past year, Joshua has focused his efforts on experimenting with different stoneware and porcelain bodies. He has been excited by some new minimalist designs for drinking and pouring vessels. He is also experimenting with incorporating his work into living spaces and exploring a more politically overt series of sculpture.

Joshua has been searching for two clay bodies that would better suit his building process. Cutting and joining clay at the leather hard state, as he does, is inherently prone to cracking. He is hoping to discover a porcelain body that will stand up to this process, but also possess some translucency.

Joshua has been experimenting with designing work for use in architectural spaces, from wall mounted art work, to flower and light sconces. He is in the design phase of building sinks as well. Incorporating hardware has been particularly challenging.

Always passionate about the national and world state of affairs, Joshua has been artistically inspired to comment on the ridiculous trend in current events. Hard times are good for artistic expression.

Joshua lives in downtown Bennington, Vermont with his wife Rebecca, their son Miles, and their two cats Ooba and Rodney. Joshua received his BFA from Maine College of Art in 2001.

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