Jennifer Smith

Many Eyes
Chocolate Hearts
River, Mountains, Sky
Sea Sway-SOLD
Underwater World
Bending Tree
Fountain Tree
Moon and Tree
Hearts in Trees
Raven on Crescent
Two Weird Cats
Deer with Tea Cup
Bubble Bath Cat
Bunny with Antlers
Ballerina Bunny
Genii Lamp
Little Boxes
Little Boxes 2
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
Woman in Oval
Woman in Bonnet
Bat Girl #1
Bat Girl #2


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Artist Statement

I started out long ago as a doodler. I doodled incessantly and still do. I have experimented with watercolor, oils and pastels. But when I tried pen and ink, I knew it was the perfect medium for me. I am not very comfortable with colors. There are so many. I like them all and I get distracted and overwhelmed by them. Black and white focuses me. I can spend hours on a tiny little image, building up layer after layer of detail. 

As for my subject matter, it tends to be a blend of plant, animal and mineral. It seems that there is often a transformation taking place in my pictures from flora to fauna or inanimate to animate. 

I rarely have a clear idea of what I am going to draw. I like swirls and squiggles, cats, trees, leaves and creatures. My senses have a tendency to overlap. Sound often has color, texture or shape. Or an image may come with its own little song. This overlap happens when I draw too. I might start a picture with a shape I like and after a while, the picture takes on its own momentum. I am usually surprised by the outcome. 



Jennifer Smith has been working with pen and ink since 1990. She uses a fine-nibbed rapidograph pen to achieve intricate detail and her pictures can take anywhere from 5 to 50 hours to complete. Inspired by Edward Gorey, her art can be a bit macabre, but not lacking in a sense of humor. 

Jennifer has exhibited throughout New England. Through her small business, "Jen & Ink", she sells cards and prints of her work. She also designs images for personal requests and in the past has designed invitations, T-shirt logos, newsletters, a compact disc cover and even a drumhead.



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