Dale Levitz

Chink in the Armor
Merry Go Round
Not My Type
Pastel Sea
Train Wheel


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 Artist Statement

My husband, the Professional Photographer, gave me my first camera a long time ago. "Let's go to the circus," he said, "and we'll take our cameras You just leave yours on auto so you don't have to bother asking any questions while I play with my new SLR."

Long story short, he had a camera malfunction, ultimately losing all his shots. My photos came out great! I put the camera away after that episode.

When I did pick it up again, it was with the full support of my spouse, who is now my biggest fan. And while I've never officially called myself an artist, I take comfort in a statement by writer Marion Boddy-Evans which I'll paraphrase lightly: "What do I think? I believe that if you create, you're an artist, period. Perhaps not one who makes their living from their art, nor one who is renowned, or even a good one, but that's not the criteria. It's the making of art that defines an artist."


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  • 5" x 7" matted and sleeved to 8" x 10", $29.
  • 5" x 7" matted and framed to 8" x 10", $49.


  • 8" x 10" matted and sleeved to 11" x 14", $49.
  • 8" x 10" matted and framed to 11" x 14", $79.


  • 12" x 16" matted and sleeved to 16" x 20", $79.
  • 12" x 16" matted and framed to 16" x 20". $110. 


Created - 12/13/2009 | Last Updated - 04/05/2011

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Keith B. , New York, New York

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