Katherine Borkowski-Byrne

Black Cloud Day
Weather or Not
Accidents Happen
No Place for Turtles
Gulf Scape
SOLD-What the Tide Brings
The Morning Air
Pillow Fight
Midday Melody
Twilight's Rhythm
Clouds & Rain
Raining Cats and Dogs
Drops of Experience
Hey Nonny Nonny
To Dig a Thorn***
Taking the Wind
Trumpet Noise
Inner Void
Outer Void
Flying Paint Nature (diptych)
Under the Bridge***
Jiminy Peak
The Birds Did Sing
Garden of the Art Lover**


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Artist Statement

 Painting for me is a purely visual language. It speaks first to the eyes. Spontaneous brushwork and other mark-making, and the use of accidents to express pure experience is my intent. The experience that goes beyond words but hopefully communicates something truthful or recognizable to others.

The interpretation of poetry, music or other intense feeling is where I often begin. Having no preconceived ideas, it is the process of making a painting that interests me most and discovering something original that feels alive to the senses.

With Opera music playing, I paint with old socks, sticks, and my fingers as well as brushes. The paint flies all over the studio often landing on my head and face. My energy is a physical energy as I dance and move around the canvas on the wall or paper on the floor and am totally absorbed into the act of painting. I intuitively use shapes both organic and geometrical to create movement within the picture plane and to create illusion of constant change.

Though I rarely finish one piece in one session, each time I work on a painting I make it a fresh experience letting the paint guide me and take on a life of its own without worrying about destroying what was created earlier. Working in layers, I build up the surface by taking away and adding until I step back and know that, though it may look slightly crude and unfinished, it makes a statement.

My influences include the American abstract expressionists, the German Expressionists and the philosophy and ideas found in Zen. I freely use references to landscape within abstraction but not in any obvious way, (except when I deliberately add actual branches or leaves to a piece), creating playgrounds in my mind with marks, texture and color to create something new, not to copy nature. I am painting the branches as I look up to the sky, or the leaves as they fall to the ground, painting the wonderful shapes found in the twigs, roots, vines, rocks, bugs and other creatures. The sunshine, wind and rain, patterns found on the ground are also my subjects.

Following in the "I am nature" theme of Jackson Pollock, I am trying to capture the feeling of oneness between the marks that are made and its connection to the larger world. Critics say that painting is dead and not of its time, but I wish to prove contemporary paintings can be alive, timeless and universal and can add a changing vista and interest to any environment.





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