Anna Rowinski

Quantum Oasis
Something Opens
Surrender Everlasting
Guides and Markers
Ghosts in the Canyon
Wonder Being Itself
Refuge in the Pale Green Light
I circle your nest tonight
Hunters and gatherers
Rebellious tide
Ancient grief now singing
Birds in Prayer
La Luna
The tipping point
Cat in the Moonlight
Pulse of Extinction
Serpent in the Village
Squall Line
Aquatic Life
Falling Rain Lit by Sun
The smell of rain
The other side of the story
"Wake Up Economics"



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One evening 18 years ago, Anna Rowinski sat down and began combining bits of paper in a collage in an attempt to quell an existential dilemma. From that spontaneous, creative expression, a new horizon revealed itself. To this day, her art continues that journey.

A life-long resident of Massachusetts, her work has been exhibited over the years at numerous artistic venues throughout Berkshire County. her current work is primarily in acrylics but she has also pursued her interest in collage, pastel and mixed media. Her slide presentation: Painting Without a Map-The Evolution of Process is an illuminating journey through the artist's intuitive creative process.

She is the author and illustrator of Wake Up Economics: A Peoples' Portfolio, which was featured on the daily email service, Daily Good, in May 2009. This handbook inspires and nurtures meaningful connection and unabashedly celebrates the profound truth that every act of kindness transforms the world.

An alternative healthcare practitioner (Chiropractic) for over 20 years, the artist now, through her paintings, maintains her connection with the creative pulse that unites us all.


Artist Statement

Spirit meets form

My work is a continuous exploration of the seamless threshold that connects my true essence with the rest of the universe. It is this process that intirgues me, feeds me and gives my life deep meaning.

When I pick up my palette knife or brush, I strive to set aside all expectations. I surrender to not knowing what will come next, and allow the unexpected to unfold. The sudden awakening of two colors interacting with each other or the drama revealed in the gard edge of a quick brush stroke, is the most welcomed gift from a creative force far more expansive than my own. The act of allowing is meditative in nature and traces of this process always remain, giving my work its unique, ephemeral quality.

I work with acrylics and mixed media, as this gives me the most freedom to experiment. My recent work is done on a smaller scale as an antidote to our frenzied world of countless distractions. Each piece is an invitation for the viewer to step closer and make a meaningful connection with something solid, yet breathing. I invite the viewer to pause and rest, just long enough to sense the real tick of the universe.



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